What’s new in CorelDRAW

The enhanced layout tools, text improvements, new design assets, redesigned user interface, and improved workflow can boost your productivity and give you a more enjoyable work experience.

Independent layers

You can now control and edit layers independently for each page of your document. Local, independent guidelines can be added for individual pages, and master guidelines can be added for the entire document.


A new interactive table feature lets you create and import tables to provide a structured layout for text and graphics in drawings. You can easily align, resize, or edit tables and cells to adapt them to your designs.

Live text preview

Live text preview lets you directly interact with on-screen text, experiment with different settings, and evaluate the results before applying changes.

Easy font identification

You can quickly identify the font in a client’s artwork by capturing a sample and sending it to the WhatTheFont page of the MyFonts Web site (available in English only): http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont.

Mirroring paragraph text

Now you can interactively mirror paragraph text horizontally or vertically, or both, when preparing your text for output.

Better support for quotation marks

Quotation marks are customized for specific languages. You can edit the quotation mark styles and choose which styles are automatically inserted when you type in different languages.

Raw camera file support

When importing raw files directly from your digital camera, you can view information about file properties and camera settings, adjust image color and tone, and improve image quality. Interactive controls let you preview changes quickly.

Enhanced compatibility

Supported file formats now include Adobe Illustrator CS3 (AI); Photoshop CS3 (PSD); Acrobat 8 (PDF); AutoCAD (DXF and DWG); Microsoft Word 2007 (DOC or RTF, import only); Microsoft Publisher 2002, 2003, and 2007 (PUB, import only); Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF 1.7 and PDF/A, including PDF comments); and Corel Painter X.

Templates and search capability for templates

New templates are available to help you get started with your design projects. When starting a new project, you can easily find the right template on your computer. You can browse, preview, or search for templates by name, category, keywords, or notes. You can also view useful information about the template, such as category and style.


The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 disc puts 4,000 new clipart images at your fingertips. These high-quality vector graphics in CorelDRAW format can be easily searched and adapted for use in your designs.

New fonts

An extended selection of new fonts includes single-line engraving fonts and OpenType cross-platform fonts that offer enhanced language support for Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic layouts.

Enhanced search functionality

You can use keywords, notes, file type, date, or text when you search for CorelDRAW X4 files from Windows Explorer. You can add or edit file properties within the application, or from Windows Explorer, Windows Search, Windows Desktop Search, or Windows Vista Search.

Updated user interface and improved thumbnails

Redesigned icons, menus, and controls within the application create a fresh look and provide a more intuitive working environment. New high-quality thumbnails let you preview CorelDRAW documents when you browse and organize your files.

Corel PowerTRACE enhancements

Centerline tracing with Corel PowerTRACE produces more accurate curves or strokes for tracing technical illustrations, line drawings, or signatures. Improved smoothing, color, and corner control help you optimize traced results. In addition, you can control the colors of traced results more easily by editing, merging, or deleting colors.

Review and collaboration tools

CorelDRAW ConceptShare is a valuable collaboration tool that lets you share designs and ideas and receive real-time feedback from clients in a Web-based environment. You can create multiple workspaces, upload your designs, and invite others to post comments.

Improved print merge functionality

Invitations, labels, and other projects that apply personalized text to the same design are now easier to create. Improved print merge functionality gives you more control and makes it easier to create and edit merged data.

Search capability when saving and opening files

You can organize your projects more easily by adding keywords or notes when saving your files. When opening and saving files, Windows Vista users can search by author, subject, file type, date, keywords, and other file properties.

Enhanced color management

Support has been added for the Adobe Color Management Module (CMM). On the Windows Vista operating system, you can also use the Windows Color System CMM.

Automatic product updates

Now you can receive messages and information about new content, service packs, and product updates, and conveniently access a product registration site, from within the application.

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What’s new in CorelDRAW