Using node types

You can change the nodes on a curve object to one of four types: cusp, smooth, symmetrical, or line. The control handles of each node type behave differently.

Cusp nodes let you create sharp transitions, such as corners or sharp angles, in a curve object. You can move the control handles in a cusp node independently of one another, changing only the line on one side of the node.

With smooth nodes, the lines passing through the node take on the shape of a curve, producing smooth transitions between line segments. The control handles of a smooth node are always directly opposite one another, but they may be at different distances from the node.

Symmetrical nodes are similar to smooth nodes. They create a smooth transition between line segments, but they also let you give lines on both sides of a node the same curve appearance. The control handles of symmetrical nodes are directly opposite each other and at an equal distance from the node.

Line nodes let you shape curve objects by changing the shape of their segments. You can make a curved segment straight or a straight segment curved. Making a straight segment curved does not noticeably change the segment’s appearance, but it displays control handles that you can move to change the segment’s shape.

CorelDRAW shaping node types Using node types

Left to right: Cusp, smooth, symmetrical, and line nodes

To shape a curve object by using cusp, smooth, or symmetrical nodes

CorelDRAW btnbacktotop Using node types
In the toolbox, click the Shape tool CorelDRAW pgx shape tool Using node types .
Click a node.
On the property bar, click one of the following buttons:
Make node a cusp CorelDRAW pgx cusp button Using node types
Make node smooth CorelDRAW pgx smooth button Using node types
Make node symmetrical CorelDRAW pgx symmetrical button Using node types
Drag the node’s control handles.

CorelDRAW tip Using node types

You can also change an existing node from one type to another by using shortcut keys. To change a smooth node to a cusp node or a cusp node to a smooth node, click the node using the Shape tool, and press C. To change a symmetrical node to a smooth node or a smooth node to a symmetrical node, click the node with the Shape tool, and press S .

Using node types