Applying uniform fills

You can apply a uniform fill to objects. Uniform fills are solid colors that you can choose or create by using color models and color palettes. For information about creating colors, see “Working with color.”

To apply a uniform fill

CorelDRAW btnbacktotop Applying uniform fills
Select an object.
In the toolbox, click the Interactive fill tool CorelDRAW pgx interact fill tool Applying uniform fills .
Choose Uniform fill from the Fill type list box on the property bar.
Specify the settings you want on the property bar, and press Enter.

CorelDRAW tip Applying uniform fills

You can also fill a selected object by clicking a color on the color palette.
You can mix colors in a uniform fill by selecting a filled object, pressing Ctrl, and clicking another color on the color palette.
You can also apply a uniform fill by clicking the Uniform fill tool CorelDRAW pgx fill color dialog Applying uniform fills in the toolbox.

Applying uniform fills