Previewing traced results

By default, PowerTRACE displays both the source bitmap and the traced result. You can also preview a traced result in a single-pane preview window, or you can display a wireframe (outline) view of the traced graphic on top of the source bitmap.

You can zoom in and out to get a better view of the graphic, and you can pan to view areas that fall outside the preview window.

To preview traced results

CorelDRAW btnbacktotop Previewing traced results
In PowerTRACE, choose one of the following options from the Preview list box:
Before and after — displays both the source bitmap and the traced result
Large preview — displays a preview of the traced result in PowerTRACE
Wireframe overlay — displays a wireframe (outline) preview of the traced result on top of the original bitmap. To control the visibility of the original bitmap underneath the wireframe, move the Transparency slider.

You can also
Zoom in or out
Click the Zoom in CorelDRAW pgx zoomin tool Previewing traced results or Zoom out CorelDRAW pgx zoomout tool Previewing traced results tool, and click in the preview window.
Fit an image in the preview window
Click the Zoom to fit CorelDRAW pgx zoom fit button Previewing traced results tool.
Pan a graphic
Click the Pan tool CorelDRAW pgx pan tool Previewing traced results, and drag the graphic.

Previewing traced results