Transforming objects

You can change the appearance of objects in the drawing window by using the following transformations.

Sizing lets you change the width and height of an object.
CorelDRAW workobj size Transforming objects
Scaling lets you size an object to a percentage of its original size.
CorelDRAW workobj scale Transforming objects
Skewing lets you slant an object to one side.
CorelDRAW workobj skew Transforming objects
Stretching lets you change the height and width of an object nonproportionally.
CorelDRAW workobj stretch Transforming objects
Rotating lets you turn an object around its center axis or a point relative to its position.
CorelDRAW workobj rotate Transforming objects

Mirroring lets you create a horizontal or vertical mirror image of an object.
CorelDRAW workobj mirror Transforming objects

Transforming objects interactively

You can transform an object interactively by using the mouse and the Pick tool. This method is the quickest, but it is not recommended if you want to transform an object with precision.

Other methods for transforming objects

You can transform an object in any of the following ways:

For more precise results, you can select an object with the Pick tool and adjust settings on the property bar. For example, you can specify a precise rotation angle or specify the size of an object.
The Transformation docker lets you transform objects with precision and apply the transformation to the duplicate of an object, which is created automatically. This feature lets you experiment with transformations without affecting the original object. You can access the Transformation docker by clicking Arrange CorelDRAW onestep Transforming objects Transformations and clicking a command.
The Transform toolbar also lets you transform objects with precision. You can access the Transform toolbar by clicking Windows CorelDRAW onestep Transforming objects Toolbars CorelDRAW onestep Transforming objects Transform.

Each of these methods lets you apply transformations to a single object or to multiple objects simultaneously.

Clearing and redoing transformations

All transformations can be simultaneously cleared at any time.

For more information about
Sizing and scaling
Skewing and stretching
Rotating and mirroring

To transform an object interactively

CorelDRAW btnbacktotop Transforming objects
Select an object by using the Pick tool.
The bounding box of the object appears. The bounding box includes eight selection handles that you can use to size, stretch, and mirror the object. If you re-click the object, new handles appear. You can use these handles to rotate and skew the object.
CorelDRAW workobj handles29 Transforming objects

Handle types: selection (1), rotation (2), and skew (3)

Perform a task from the following table.

Do the following
Size or scale an object
Drag a corner selection handle.
Stretch an object
Drag a middle selection handle.
Skew an object
Click the object to display the skew handles, and drag a skew handle.
Rotate an object
Click the object to display the rotation handles, and drag a rotation handle.
Mirror an object
Hold down Ctrl, and drag a selection handle to the opposite side of the object.

To clear all transformations applied to an object

CorelDRAW btnbacktotop Transforming objects
Select an object.
Click Arrange CorelDRAW onestep Transforming objects Clear transformations.

CorelDRAW tip Transforming objects

You can undo the Clear transformations command by clicking Edit CorelDRAW onestep Transforming objects Undo clear transformations.

Transforming objects