HTML files are plain-text (also known as ASCII) files that can be created using any text editor, including SimpleText and TextEdit. HTML files are intended for display on a Web browser.

You can import HTML files to edit text and add Web objects, bookmarks, and hyperlinks. You can also publish files to the Web. For more information about preparing files and objects for Web publishing and uploading to the Web, see “Publishing to the Web.”

To import an HTML file

CorelDRAW btnbacktotop HTML
Click File CorelDRAW onestep HTML Import.
Locate the folder in which the file is stored.
Do one of the following:
(Windows Vista) Choose HTM – HyperText Markup Language (*.htm) from the list box next to the File name box.
(Windows XP) Choose HTM – HyperText Markup Language from the Files of type list box.
If you don’t see this option, you first need to add the HTML filter to your installation of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4. For information about modifying your installation, see “To add or delete components in a CorelDRAW Graphics Suite installation.”
Click the filename.
Click Import.
In the Use default text colors area, enable one of the following options:
Yes — uses the default color for text and for visited, unvisited, and active links, ignoring the colors specified in the HTML file
No — uses the colors specified in the HTML file
Click the drawing page.

HTML technical notes

CorelDRAW btnbacktotop HTML

Importing an HTML file
The HTML import filter extracts editable information from a Web document and brings objects into CorelDRAW in a manner similar to the original layout.
Imported HTML files that exceed the boundaries of the drawing page continue down the workspace without a page break.

Exporting an HTML file
All objects that are not within the boundaries of the drawing page are ignored on export.
Overlapping HTML text frames cause difficulties during export. If this occurs, try exporting the file to the GIF or JPEG file format.