Importing bitmaps

You can import a bitmap into a drawing either directly or by linking it to an external file. When you link to an external file, edits to the original file are automatically updated in the imported file.

To import a bitmap

CorelDRAW btnbacktotop Importing bitmaps
Click File CorelDRAW onestep Importing bitmaps Import.
Choose the folder where the bitmap is stored.
Select the file.
If you want to link the image to the drawing, enable the Link bitmap externally check box.
Click Import.
Click where you want to place the bitmap.
If you want to center the image on the drawing page, press Enter.

CorelDRAW note Importing bitmaps

Ensure that All file formats is chosen from the Files of type list box when you import an image.
The status bar provides information about the bitmap, including color mode, size, and resolution after it has been placed on the page.

CorelDRAW tip Importing bitmaps

You can import a bitmap in its original size by pressing Spacebar when you click the Import button.
You can also resample or crop a bitmap while importing. For more information, see “To resample a bitmap while importing” and “To crop a bitmap while importing.”

Importing bitmaps