Publishing to HTML

When publishing a document or selection to the World Wide Web, you can choose several options, such as image format, HTML layout, export range, and file transfer protocol (FTP) site parameters.

To publish to the Web

CorelDRAW btnbacktotop Publishing to HTML
Click File CorelDRAW onestep Publishing to HTML Publish to the Web CorelDRAW onestep Publishing to HTML HTML.
Set the following options in the Publish to the Web dialog box:
General — contains options for HTML layout, folders for HTML file and images, and FTP site and export range. You can also select, add, and remove presets.
Details — contains details of HTML files produced, and allows you to change the page name and file name
Images — lists all images for the current HTML export. You can set individual objects to JPEG, GIF, and PNG formats. Click Options to select presets for each image type.
Advanced — provides options for generating “> rollovers and cascading style sheets, and maintaining links to external files
Summary — shows statistics for files according to various download speeds
Issues — displays a list of potential issues, including explanations, suggestions, and tips

CorelDRAW note Publishing to HTML

CorelDRAW assigns the extension .htm to documents you publish in the HTML format. By default, HTML files share the same name as the CorelDRAW (CDR) source file and are saved in the last folder you used to store exported Web documents.

Publishing to HTML