Searching for templates

CorelDRAW provides an easy way of finding templates on your computer. You can search by the name, category, or reference information associated with a template. When you type a term in the text field and initiate a search, all matching templates are displayed as thumbnail images in the thumbnail viewing area. For example, if you type “contemporary” in the text field, the application automatically filters out all files that do not match, and you see only the files that have the word “contemporary” in the template name, category, or designer notes attached to the file.

Thumbnail zooming makes recognizing a particular template easier and faster. You can narrow the search results by using different criteria, such as document type (for example, brochure, flyer, newsletter, poster, or card) and industry (for example, hospitality, retail, or services). You can choose to view only templates that you have created or all templates (the templates included with CorelDRAW and provided by third-party designers, as well as templates that you have created). When you select a template in the viewing area, additional information is displayed about the template’s category, style, pagination, and fold options, as well as any designer notes related to its intended use.

By default, the application searches all locations that Windows Desktop Search (on Windows XP) or Instant Search (on Windows Vista) are configured to index. You can also browse for templates in other locations, which Windows Desktop Search or Instant Search are not configured to index. For more information about Windows Desktop Search, visit the Microsoft Web site. For more information about configuring the search on Windows Vista, see the Windows Vista Help.

You can cancel a search at any time.

To search for templates

CorelDRAW btnbacktotop Searching for templates
Click File CorelDRAW onestep Searching for templates New from template.
In the New from template dialog box, do one of the following:
Type a word in the search text box.
If you are using Windows XP without Windows Desktop Search, type a word in the search text box, and press Enter.
Thumbnails that match the search term appear in the Templates pane.
From the View by list box in the Filter pane, choose one of the following categories:
Type — sorts templates by document type, such as brochure, flyer, poster, or newsletter
Industry — sorts templates by the industry that the template was designed for (for example, hospitality, retail, or services)
In the category list, click a category.
To view all templates (that is, templates included with CorelDRAW, created by third-party designers, or created by you or others), click All. To view only templates that you have created, click My templates.

You can also
View template details
Click a thumbnail in the Templates pane. The template details are displayed in the Template details pane.

If the Template details pane is hidden, click the Show/Hide template details button CorelDRAW pgx show template details Searching for templates to display it.
View designer notes
Click a thumbnail in the Templates pane. The designer notes are displayed in the Designer notes pane.
Print designer notes
Click the Print designer notes CorelDRAW pgx print button Searching for templates button in the lower-left corner of the Designer notes pane.

If there are no designer notes associated with a template, the Print designer notes button is disabled.
Search for templates in other locations on your computer
Click Browse. Locate the folder where the template is stored. Double-click a template filename.
Stop a search
Do one of the following:
Click the Cancel CorelDRAW pgx cancel search Searching for templates button next to the Search text field.
Delete the search term from the Search text field (and press Enter if you are using Windows XP and have not installed Windows Desktop Search).

CorelDRAW note Searching for templates

Templates that do not contain any category information are grouped in a category called Not specified.
If the CorelDRAW shell integration components are not installed (that is, if you have disabled the Windows Shell Extension option under Utilities in the Setup wizard during a custom installation), you can search for templates only by filename, not by name, keywords, or other reference information.
If you are using Windows XP, and if Windows Desktop Search is not installed, the application searches by filename only in the following folders and subfolders:
X:Program FilesCorelCorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4LanguagesENDrawTemplate, where X is the drive where CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 is installed
template folders associated with CorelDRAW 12 and CorelDRAW X3
My Documents folder
If you are using Windows XP and install Windows Desktop Search after installing CorelDRAW, you must add the location of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 installation to the indexed locations of Windows Desktop Search. For more information about modifying search options in Windows Desktop Search, see “Set search locations” in the Windows Desktop Search Help.
Windows Desktop Search is available as a free download from the Microsoft Download Center. For more information, visit

CorelDRAW tip Searching for templates

To zoom in or out when you view thumbnails, drag the Zoom slider to the right or left.
If you are using Windows XP, you can also start a search by entering a search term in the search text box and clicking the Start search CorelDRAW pgx start search Searching for templates button.

Searching for templates