Adobe Type 1 Font (PFB)

The Adobe Type I Font (PFB) is a file format that stores Adobe Type 1 fonts. Most Type 1 fonts are single master fonts that permit only style editing; for example, Roman, italic, bold. A single master Type 1 font contains two files: a Printer Font Metrics (PFM) file and a Printer Font Binary (PFB) file.

Some Type 1 fonts are also available in multiple master format. You can customize design elements of multiple master fonts such as weight, width, style, and optical size. A multiple master base font is the multiple master font itself, from which you create variations called multiple master instances. A multiple master base font is composed of a PFM file, a PFB file, and a Multiple Master Metrics (MMM) file. A multiple master instance is composed of a PFM file and a PostScript Printer Stub (PSS) file.

Adobe Type 1 Fonts technical notes

CorelDRAW btnbacktotop Adobe Type 1 Font (PFB)
Adobe Type 1 fonts exported from CorelDRAW are unhinted.
Each exported character constitutes a single object. Before you export multiple objects, you must combine them by clicking Arrange CorelDRAW onestep Adobe Type 1 Font (PFB) Combine. You cannot export multiple objects or grouped objects.
For best results, avoid intersecting lines. Any object in your character should lie completely inside or outside of others, as shown in the following example.

CorelDRAW tecnotes combining Adobe Type 1 Font (PFB)

Left to right: three objects correctly combined; five objects correctly combined; five objects incorrectly combined

Fill and outline attributes applied to objects are not exported.
Adobe Type 1 fonts you create are compatible with Adobe Type Manager version 2.0, but not with earlier versions.

Adobe Type 1 Font (PFB)