Drawing spirals

You can draw two types of spirals: symmetrical and logarithmic. Symmetrical spirals expand evenly so that the distance between each revolution is equal. Logarithmic spirals expand with increasingly larger distances between revolutions. You can set the rate by which a logarithmic spiral expands outward.

CorelDRAW shapes spirals Drawing spirals

A symmetrical spiral (left) and a logarithmic spiral (right)

To draw a spiral

CorelDRAW btnbacktotop Drawing spirals
In the toolbox, click the Spiral tool CorelDRAW pgx spiral tool Drawing spirals .
Type a value in the Spiral revolutions box on the property bar.
On the property bar, click one of the following buttons:
Symmetrical spiral CorelDRAW pgx spiral symmetrical Drawing spirals
Logarithmic spiral CorelDRAW pgx spiral logarithmic Drawing spirals
If you want to change the amount by which the spiral expands as it moves outward, move the Spiral expansion slider.
Drag diagonally in the drawing window until the spiral is the required size.

CorelDRAW tip Drawing spirals

You can draw a spiral from its center outward by holding down Shift as you drag.
You can also draw a spiral with even horizontal and vertical dimensions by holding down Ctrl as you drag.

Drawing spirals