Maintaining OPI links

Open Prepress Interface (OPI) lets you use low-resolution images as placeholders for the high-resolution images that appear in your final work. When a service bureau receives your file, the OPI server substitutes the high-resolution images for the low-resolution placeholders.

To maintain OPI links

CorelDRAW btnbacktotop Maintaining OPI links
Click File CorelDRAW onestep Maintaining OPI links Print.
Click the PostScript tab.
Enable the Maintain OPI links check box.

CorelDRAW note Maintaining OPI links

The Maintain OPI links option is available for PostScript devices only.
You can reduce your work time by using OPI and print management server solutions, such as Creo Color Central. Low-resolution samples are automatically created from the high-resolution originals and are placed in CorelDRAW. These files contain their own OPI comments, which the Creo Color Central server recognizes when it receives the job and then substitutes the high-resolution version of the file for the low-resolution version.
When you import the low-resolution images into your document, they must be flagged as OPI images using third-party software.

Maintaining OPI links