Creating templates

If the preset templates do not meet your requirements, you can create a template based on styles that you create, or styles taken from other templates. For example, if you regularly put together a newsletter, you can save the page layout settings and styles to a template.

When you save a template, CorelDRAW allows you to add reference information, such as pagination, folds, category, industry, and other important notes. Although adding template information is optional, doing so makes it easier to organize and locate templates later on. For example, adding descriptive notes to a template lets you subsequently search for that template by entering text from the notes.

To create a template

CorelDRAW btnbacktotop Creating templates
Click File CorelDRAW onestep Creating templates Save as template.
Type a name in the File name list box.
Locate the folder where you want to save the template.
Click Save.
In the Template properties dialog box, specify the options you want:
Name — Assign a name to your template. This name will appear with the thumbnail in the Templates pane.
Sided — Choose a pagination option.
Folds — Choose a fold from the list, or choose Other and type the fold type in the text box next to the Folds list box.
Type — Choose an option from the list, or choose Other and type the template type in the text box next to the Type list box.
Industry — Choose an option from the list, or choose Other and type the industry for which the template is designed.
Designer notes — Type important information about the intended use of the template.

CorelDRAW note Creating templates

If you click Cancel, you close the Template properties dialog box without saving the template.
If you save a template to a previous version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite (13.0 or earlier), you cannot add reference information.
The Designer notes text box supports HTML markup, so you can paste such content as graphics and hyperlinks. Graphics pasted from an HTML file are referenced from their original location and are not embedded in the CorelDRAW document. Therefore, if you plan to share a template with others, make sure that they have access to the location of the graphics. If you paste formatted text (also known as “rich text”) from a Rich Text Format (RTF) or HTML file, the formatting properties of the text are preserved.

CorelDRAW tip Creating templates

If you don’t want to add reference information, click OK without specifying any of the options.
You can also enter designer notes by copying content from another document and pasting it into the Designer notes text box.
To format text in the Designer notes text box, use the following shortcut keys:
Ctrl + B — applies bold formatting to selected text
Ctrl + I — italicizes selected text
Ctrl + U — underlines selected text
Ctrl + K — assigns a hyperlink to selected text

Creating templates