Using preset Internet objects

CorelDRAW provides you with a set of Internet objects, such as options, Java applets, text edit boxes, and check boxes to use when designing an HTML page.You can customize Internet objects by adjusting their parameters.

If a document contains form-related Internet objects such as check boxes, you need a CGI script address to enable these Internet objects to work once the document is published to the World Wide Web as an HTML file.

After you create a preset Internet object, you can save it as an HTML page. For information about optimizing, see “Optimizing bitmaps for the Web.”

To add or customize an Internet object

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Do the following
Add an Internet object
Click Edit CorelDRAW onestep Using preset Internet objects Insert Internet object, and click the object you want. Click where you want to place the Internet object.
Customize an Internet object
Right-click an Internet object, and click Properties. In the Object properties docker, click the Internet tab, and specify the attributes you want to add.
Add a CGI Script address to an Internet object
Deselect any objects, right-click, and click Properties. Click the Form tab, and type the CGI script address in the URL of CGI script box. Choose an HTML equivalent method from the Method list box and a frame type from the Target list box.

CorelDRAW note Using preset Internet objects

All Internet objects, except for Java applets and embedded files, require a CGI script address to function properly after you publish a drawing to the World Wide Web.

To save objects to a Web-compatible format

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Click File CorelDRAW onestep Using preset Internet objects Publish to the Web CorelDRAW onestep Using preset Internet objects HTML.
Choose the HTML layout from the HTML layout method list box.
Choose a destination folder.
Choose an image subfolder.
Choose an export range.

CorelDRAW tip Using preset Internet objects

You can check to see whether there are any issues by clicking the Issues tab.

Using preset Internet objects