Straightening bitmaps

The Straighten image dialog box lets you straighten bitmap images quickly. This feature is useful for straightening photos that were taken or scanned at an angle.

CorelDRAW loc bitmaps straighten49 Straightening bitmaps

Straighten image dialog box

1. Preview window

6. Options for cropping and resampling

2. Rotation tools

7. Reset button

3. Pan tool

8. Grid

4. Zoom tools

9. Hint for active control

5. Rotate image controls

10. Grid control

The Straighten image dialog box lets you rotate an image by moving a slider, typing a rotation angle, or using the arrow keys. You can specify a custom rotation angle from -15 to 15 degrees.

You can use the preview window to dynamically preview the adjustments that you are making. If you want to change the orientation of the image before straightening it, you can start by rotating the image 90 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise.

A grid is displayed in the preview window to help you straighten the image. You can more precise adjustments by controlling the cell size of the grid. To heighten the contrast of the grid against the colors of the image, you can change the grid’s color. You can also hide the grid if you want to preview the final result without the gridlines. In addition, you can zoom in and out, and pan the image in the preview window to help you evaluate the results.

By default, the straightened image is cropped to the cropping area that is displayed in the preview window. The final image has the same aspect ratio as the original image, but it has smaller dimensions. However, you can preserve the original width and height of the image by cropping and resampling the image.

You can also produce an image at an angle by disabling cropping and then using the Crop tool to crop the image in the drawing window.

CorelDRAW straighten sample Straightening bitmaps

Original image (left); straightened and cropped image (right)

To straighten an image

CorelDRAW btnbacktotop Straightening bitmaps
Select an image.
Click Bitmaps CorelDRAW onestep Straightening bitmaps Straighten image.
Move the Rotate image slider, or type a value between 15 and -15 in the Rotate image box.
If necessary, move the Grid slider to adjust the size of the grid cells.
To crop and straighten the image, enable the Crop image check box.
The image is cropped to preserve the aspect ratio of the original image, which means that the final image is smaller than the original image.
If you want to preserve the width and height of the original image, enable the Crop and resample to original size check box. The final image is resampled.

You can also
Change the grid color
Choose a color from the Grid color picker.
Align an image area with a gridline
Using the Pan tool CorelDRAW pgx pan tool Straightening bitmaps, drag the image until the area is aligned with the gridline.

You can use the Pan tool only after you zoom in on the image.
Rotate the image 90 degrees in either direction
Click the Rotate counterclockwise CorelDRAW pgx rotate left button Straightening bitmaps button or the Rotate clockwise button CorelDRAW pgx rotate right button Straightening bitmaps.
Hide or display the grid
Disable or enable the Grid check box.
Adjust the rotation angle by 0.1-degree increments
Click in the Rotate image box, and press the Up arrow or Down arrow key.
Reset the image to its original orientation
Click Reset.
Zoom in or out
Using the Zoom in CorelDRAW pgx zoomin tool Straightening bitmaps or Zoom out CorelDRAW pgx zoomout tool Straightening bitmaps tool, click in the preview window.
Fit an image in the preview window
Click the Zoom to fit CorelDRAW pgx zoom fit button Straightening bitmaps button.
Display an image at its actual size
Click the 100% CorelDRAW pgx zoom100 button Straightening bitmaps button.

Straightening bitmaps