Inserting bar codes

The Barcode wizard in CorelDRAW lets you add bar codes to drawings. A bar code is a group of bars, spaces, and sometimes numbers that is designed to be scanned and read into computer memory. Bar codes are most commonly used to identify merchandise, inventory, and documents.

The Barcode wizard guides you through the process of inserting a bar code. If you need additional information at any step, you can consult the Help in the Barcode wizard.

To insert a bar code

CorelDRAW btnbacktotop Inserting bar codes
Click Edit CorelDRAW onestep Inserting bar codes Insert Barcode.
Follow the instructions in the Barcode wizard.
If you need help with choosing options, click the Help button in the Barcode wizard.

CorelDRAW note Inserting bar codes

A bar code is inserted into a drawing as an object.


Inserting bar codes