PowerTRACE controls

The PowerTRACE dialog box contains controls that help you preview and edit traced results.

CorelDRAW loc powertrace14 PowerTRACE controls

Circled numbers correspond to the numbers in the following table, which describes the main controls of PowerTRACE.

1. Preview window
Lets you preview the traced result and compare it to the source bitmap
2. Preview list box
Lets you choose one of the following previewing options:
Before and After — lets you display both the source bitmap and the traced result
Large preview — lets you preview a traced result in a single-pane preview window
Wireframe overlay — lets you display a wireframe (outline) view of the traced result on top of the source bitmap
3. Transparency slider
Controls visibility of the source bitmap below the wireframe when the Wireframe overlay option is selected
4. Zooming and panning tools
Let you zoom in and out of an image displayed in the preview window, pan an image displayed at a zoom level higher than 100%, and fit an image to the preview window.
5. Colors page
Contains controls for modifying the colors of the traced results. For more information, see “Adjusting colors in traced results.”
6. Trace type list box
Lets you change the tracing method
7. Type of image list box
Lets you choose a suitable preset style for the image to be traced. The available preset styles change, depending on the tracing method you choose.
8. Undo and Redo buttons
Let you undo and redo the last action you performed
9. Reset button
Lets you restore the first settings used to trace the source bitmap
10. Options button
Lets you access the PowerTRACE options page in the Options dialog box to set default tracing options. For more information, see “Setting default tracing options.”
11. Settings page
Contains controls for adjusting the traced results. The Traced result details area on the Settings page lets you view the number of objects, nodes, and colors in the traced result while you are making adjustments.

For more information about adjusting traced results, see “Fine-tuning traced results.”

PowerTRACE controls