TrueType Font (TTF)

The TrueType Font (TTF) file format was created jointly by Apple Computer and Microsoft Corporation. It is the most common format for fonts used in both Macintosh and Windows operating systems. The TTF file format prints font characters as bitmaps or vectors depending on the capabilities of your printer. True Type fonts appear the same in print and on-screen, and they can be resized to any height.

TrueType Fonts (TTF) technical notes

CorelDRAW btnbacktotop TrueType Font (TTF)
TrueType fonts exported from CorelDRAW are unhinted.
Each exported character constitutes a single object. Before you export multiple objects, you must combine them by clicking Arrange CorelDRAW onestep TrueType Font (TTF) Combine. You cannot export multiple objects or grouped objects.
Fill and outline attributes applied to objects are not exported.
For best results, avoid intersecting lines. Any object in your character should lie completely inside or outside of others, as shown in the following example.

CorelDRAW tecnotes combining TrueType Font (TTF)

Left to right: three objects correctly combined; five objects correctly combined; five objects incorrectly combined

TrueType Font (TTF)